Photos - Our Wedding, June 3, 2006

Cassia and Geoff listening to someone...

Cassia receives wedding-night advice from her Mom, Nicole

Cassia's brother, Eric signs his approval

Eve models her dress before face-planing in a puddle

A still-clean Eve still modeling


Brother-in-law Paul giving Geoff wedding-night advice

Brad and Nicholle with Sam in the background

The Martin in-laws

The whole gang

The Pole in-laws

With the parents

Cassia and Eric

Jim and Eve (Jim is the taller one...)

Eric and Eve (Eric is the the one in black...)

Cassia gives wedding-night advice...

The happy couple sweating at Al Dente restaurant.

Signing the register

Signing the register

Signing the register

Janet, Andrée and Geoff have a meeting


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Kim and Benoit