the pillow tracker

"What the hell!?" we hear you cry... "What is a pillow tracking web page?" you may be wondering. Well, we've noticed that there is a discrepancy between the number of pillows in a room from hotel to hotel. So, we've decided to keep track of the numbers. The winner, marked in red, is the one with the highest pillow-to-bed ratio.

Note as well that we're only tracking hotels that we've stayed in together. The ones where we're alone don't count. No point in having a pillow fight when you're the only person in the room.

Süllberg, Hamburg, Germany (2006 12 08-10)
2 pillows and 2 decorative throw-cushions on a queen

Gastwerk, Hamburg, Germany (2006 07 19)
2 pillows, 6 decorative throw-cushions and one giant tubular pillow-thing on a king
NB: there may be some debate regarding the winner's status since 7 of the 9 are decorative rather than utilitarian in nature...

Clipper Hotel, Hamburg, Germany (2006 07 18)
4 pillows on a king

Hotel Oriente, Barcelona, Spain (2006 06 26)
2 pillows on a king

Hotel Godin, Montreal, Canada (2006 06 03)
2 pillows on a king

Hotel Mercure Porte de versailles Expo, Paris, France (2006 05 22)
2 pillows on a king

Hotel Gode-Wind, Kiel, Germany (2006 01 26)
2 pillows on a double

Hilton Hotel, Düsseldorf, Germany (2006 01 19-26)
4 pillows on a king (with 2 extras in the closet)

Gastwerk Hotel, Hamburg, Germany (2006 01 17-19)
4 pillows (2 large and 2 small) on a king

The Roosevelt Hotel, Madison Ave at 45th, New York City, NY, USA (2005 10 06-09)
4 pillows and 3 throw-cushions on a king

Hampton Inn, Columbus Airport, Columbus, OH, USA (2005 10 05)
4 pillows on two doubles

Hampton Inn, Florence, KY, USA (2005 10 04)
6 pillows on a king
NB: This hotel is the winner thus far if we are not including decorative cushioning (see note at the Gastwerk Hotel at 2006 07 19), hence the orange attention-seeking font colour...

Country Inn and Suites, Shepherdsville, KY, USA (2005 10 03)
4 pillows on a king

Hampton Inn, High Street, Columbus, OH, USA (2005 10 01-02)
4 pillows on a king

Hampton Inn, Chicago, IL, USA (2005 XX XX)
4 pillows on a king

Winery, GA, USA
4 on a king

Elizabeth Inn, St. John's, Nfld, Canada (2004 12 XX)
2 pillows and 2 throw cushions on a king

San Francisco, CA, USA (2004 10 XX)
2 pillows on a double